So I’m new here…

I’m not really much of a writer but I am going to give this a go. My name is Ruhi, but most call me Ru. or RuPoo. Your choice. I am just starting my senior year of high school, which is an extremely stressful time. I mean, it’s just my entire future at stake. No biggie.

Let me tell you about myself, since you are all dying to know. I play soccer and have played now for about ten years at a pretty high level, though I am not interested in playing college ball. I have a love for biology and I am interested in pursuing a career in medicine but don’t tell my engineer parents that! I’m a brown Indian (hence the name RuPoo) that lives in a very suburban America. I am obsessed with chocolate and could always use a small Pomsky to cuddle with. I also love experimenting with makeup and DIY projects, but I am not a very creative person, unfortunately.

Hopefully, I shall keep updating this blog, unlike the diary I tried to start 10 years ago. See you soon!


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