Smokey Eye Shadow

For an elegant evening, maybe even a prom night look, I would definitely go for something like this. For a look like this there are a few simple steps:

  1. Rub on eyeshadow primer to make sure the makeup stays on for longer.
  2. Then, start with a shimmery, gold base color. Pretty much any golden, coppery, or shiny color will do and rub that all over the eye (even in the crease)
  3. Go in with a darker, maybe grey or brown matte color in the crease with another, smaller brush. Then, take the same brush used for the first color and blend the colors together. Make sure to put more of the matte color on the outer corner of the lid.
  4. For a brighter effect (not shown), put a white shimmery color on the inside corner of the eyelid.
  5. Then, of course, finish out with pencil or liquid eyeliner in whatever fashion suits your eye. Here, a pencil eyeliner is used then smudged with a brush. This makes the look even more smokey and subdued.



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